Frequently Asked Questions

What can Maria support and/or help with?

Personal/Mental Health Wellbeing & Challenges

Professional Development & Challenges


Lifestyle Change


√ Anxiety

√ Disability & Associated Challenges

√ Life Skills Development

√ Positive Behaviour Support

√ Older Age Wellbeing

√ Assessment and Support of Decision Making Capacity

√ Safeguarding of Children

√ Safeguarding of Adults at Risk of Abuse

√ The Best You

Do I need a referral from my GP to make an appointment?

A referral from a GP is not necessary to make an appointment. Depending on your reason for making the appointment, linking in with your family doctor or other medical/health professional may be recommended after the appointment.

Are psychology sessions confidential?

Sessions are confidential. However if you tell me that you were/are being hurt by someone or that you are hurting somebody, it may be necessary for us to speak to the authorities about this. I will discuss this with you first and we will decide together.